Best Dog Boots To Buy & How To Protect Your Dog’s Paws Throughout The Year


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Why would dog boots be a consideration for your pooch since they’re known to have tougher feet than us humans? Truth be known, a dog’s paws are quite delicate and can be prone to harmful elements. Here we want to discuss the importance, are they really needed, how to choose booties, and how to get your dog to wear them.

Why Dog Boots Are Important

This can be debris or salt on the pavement, rough terrain, sandy beaches, snow which is very cold, ice which can cause burns, heat in the summer months can also cause burns and of course the list goes on.

If you love keeping up with the latest fashion, then you’ll know that dog booties are all the trend whether you’re paw conscious or not. Booties are analogous to what humans wear, and of course we love wearing them too. However big or small your dog is booties look very cute, provide comfort, offer protection, and lastly are fashionable.

Some dogs are resistant to them, but generally most like wearing them.

Are Booties Really Needed?

Dog booties were first known to be used by sled dog’s in races, they provided basic care. During harsh weather, they need at least eight plus booties to protect them. As we can see it’s good to care for our dog’s paws.

Though a dog’s paws are tougher than humans, we still need to provide some sort of protection for them.

Here is one dog owners experience:

“Branston sadly contracted an infection in all four paws when he was a puppy, which caused him to lick from morning to night. His paws became infected and eventually started to bleed which then led to eczema. The pain became intense which resulted in months of medication before subsiding though not completely. Branston now has to take steroids regularly to prevent re-occurrence. And, as a preventative, the owner decided dog boots were a good option to protect him and other dogs.”

Maybe Branston wouldn’t have contracted an infection if he’d been wearing boots. Who knows??? But, for sure, we believe a set of high-quality booties will offer protection to all dogs in all weather conditions. We offer the highest quality boots, you can check them out by clicking here.

How To Shop For The Best

There are many different dog booties, but before buying always consider these points first: 

1. The sizing, at check the description of each boot for sizing. Don’t buy a medium bootie if your dog has small paws.

2. Fastening is important, never buy booties that need to be buttoned or buckled because they’re too fiddly. Velcro is your better option because it’s quick, easy and offers a secure fitting.

3. The soles should be durable to keep your little pooches paws dry in wet conditions or at least comfortable during other weather conditions.

dog boots

Following the chart will ensure a snug fit around your pooches ankle, have a little wiggle room near the toes and offer support.

Setting Aside Bootie Time

Put the booties on your dog using lots of treats to create happy signals, then assess how your pooch accepts them. If your dog is stressed out, take them off straightaway then try again in an hour or so.

Keep trying until your dog accepts them. Once accepted, you need to extend the time of how long your pooch wears the dog boots. Remember to give your dog lots of positive reinforcement and lots of yummy treats. 

Your dog needs to be walking around the home and outside in the garden etc for at least an hour before taking your dog for a long walk.

Your Next Step

Because dogs are active, it’s worthwhile noting that dog boots will get wet and will wear out quicker than our footwear. Because booties are inexpensive it might be a good idea to buy two packs, you’re pooch will then have the option to wear one pair on alternate days.

We offer the highest quality dog boots, you can check them out by clicking here.

The chances are you’re probably also wondering what else you might need. The good news is we’ve got you covered for every concern and eventuality from leashes, collars, harnesses, bags, accessories, fancy dress and much more. Check out our latest offers, best buys, top selling products, and new arrivals on our LittleDoggyHaven Homepage.

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